Unveiling Excitement: The Grand Opening Ceremony of Psychocare Premier League (PPL)2023-2024!

Today, PCHPL is on the verge of something truly extraordinary: the launch of the Psychocare Premier League (PPL), an event that represents the spirit of friendship, competitiveness, and innovation. An incredible rush of anticipation and excitement fills the air as we assemble for the opening ceremony, setting the stage for an amazing experience.

In a world where deadlines and targets are typically emphasized, the PPL appears as a lively spectacle, providing a respite—a brilliant celebration of talent and unity within our beloved Psychocare Health Pvt. Ltd.


A Sneak Peek into the PPL

The PPL is not your ordinary sports event. It’s a manifestation of unity and diversity. It is a celebration of the bonds that unite us at PCHPL. This competition will showcase a variety of engaging games, including arm wrestling, table tennis, carom, and unique contests like promotional video making and newspaper dress-making. Each game mirrors the diverse talents and passions that define our dynamic community at Psychocare Health Pvt. Ltd.

Fostering Team Spirit

This league demonstrates our dedication to developing team spirit and teamwork. As we gather to cheer for our former colleagues, remember that the core of the PPL is the togetherness we display and the friendships we foster. It’s about motivating one another to give their all, enjoying wins, and learning from losses. It’s about cherishing the journey as much as the destination.

The Countdown Begins

The anticipation for the PPL is growing, and we can’t wait to share this with all of you. The opening ceremony is just around the corner, promising a glimpse into the companionship and enthusiasm that will define the event. Stay tuned for updates and further information on the PPL. Follow our updates to learn more about this unique event within the Psychocare Health Pvt. Ltd.


MSME Award, 2022 – Best Enterprise of the Year (Pharmaceutical)

The Ministry of MSME Enterprises is a ministry in the Government of India.

On October 15, the Government of India hosted the MSME India Business Awards 2022 to impart knowledge to MSMEs, start-ups, and entrepreneurs on various aspects of running a business or enterprise while also encouraging an entrepreneurial drive geared toward innovation and thinking outside the box.

This award ceremony was held at the Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi. It is the ideal platform we were waiting for to get recognized for our achievements in the most competitive space. The awards celebrated the diligent work and persistence of booming entrepreneurs and honored the brands that have had a profound impact on the sector and the economy.

Many awards were given out on this special day.

We are thrilled to announce that our company has won the Best Enterprise of the Year (Pharmaceutical) award at the MSME India Business Awards and Tech India Transformation Awards 2022.


We are thrilled to announce that our company has won the Best Enterprise of the Year (Pharmaceutical) award

A special session was also arranged for entrepreneurs and enterprises. A few important topics include scaling up the business, leveraging the right financial tools, re-skilling and up-skilling, knowledge sharing, promoting entrepreneurship, and many more.

CEO insight – Award

Another jewel added to PCHPL’s crown as psychocare Health Private Limited is awarded the Top 10 leaders from Punjab September 2022,This is an Annual Recognition that showcases exceptional leaders in Punjab who guide the industry to us future by setting benchmarks across several key parameters.


Xoncared-D3 Nano Shot Mango Falvour - Vitamin D3 Oral Solution

Xoncared D3 NANO SHOT


Xoncared D3 NANO SHOT is composed of Cholecalciferol- 60000 IU ( IN NANO DROPLET FORM)
It is sugar Free and comes in tasty Mango flavour. It comes in a 4 X 5ML Packing.


It contains Vitamin D3 which is a type of fat-soluble vitamin D used to prevent and treat vitamin D deficiencies. It is also known as cholecalciferol and calciol, and helps in the building and strengthening of bones by regulating the levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. It further helps in the reabsorption of calcium from bone tissue. Cholecalciferol is particularly useful in the treatment of certain bone disorders such as rickets and osteomalacia.

XONCARED D3 Nano Shot 60 K Solution treats osteomalacia, rickets, back pain, osteoporosis, fracture and muscle weakness. It aids in the development and strengthening of bones and reduces the risk of bone fractures in the future.

1) Rickets – A softening and weakening of bones in children, usually due to inadequate vitamin D.
2) Osteomalacia -Osteomalacia means “soft bones.” Osteomalacia is a disease that weakens bones and can cause them to break more easily. It is a disorder of decreased mineralization, which results in bone breaking down faster than it can re-form. It is a condition that occurs in adults.it causes bone pain and muscle weaknesses.
3) Osteoporosis -A condition in which bones become weak and brittle.
The body constantly absorbs and replaces bone tissue. With osteoporosis, new bone creation doesn’t keep up with old bone removal.
4) Vit D3 deficiency (Hypovitaminosis D ) – Too little vitamin D in the body.
People get vitamin D through food and by exposure to sunlight. For most adults, vitamin D deficiency isn’t a concern. Some, especially those with dark skin and adults older than 65, are at higher risk of the condition.

Mechanism of action

The activated form of cholecalciferol binds to vitamin D receptors and modulates gene expression. This leads to an increase in serum calcium concentrations by increasing intestinal absorption of phosphorus and calcium, promoting distal renal tubular reabsorption of calcium and increasing osteoclastic reabsorption.

Directions of use:
Take XONCARED D3 Nano Shot 60 K Solution orally once a week.

Source: www.verywellhealth.com

Vitamin B2 Riboflavin

Vitamin B2

Water-soluble vitamin B2, sometimes called riboflavin, is naturally present in several foods. Like vitamin B1, the body cannot produce riboflavin also. Small amounts of it are stored in the liver after being absorbed into the small intestine during digestion. The body releases extra riboflavin in the urine after it has been passed through the bloodstream. This is the reason why foods rich in Vitamin Bs are recommended to be eaten daily.

The B vitamins group helps the body produce sugar in the diet (carbohydrates). These vitamins, also called B-complex vitamins, support both protein and fat metabolism. To maintain healthy skin, hair, and eyes, B-Complex vitamins are needed. They also support the maintenance of the nervous system.

Additionally, the body needs riboflavin to convert vitamin B6 and folate into forms that may be utilised. The growth process and the creation of red blood cells both depend on it. Most healthy individuals who consume a diet that is well-balanced obtain adequate riboflavin. However, due to inadequate food, older persons and drinkers may be at risk for riboflavin deficiency. The following are signs of riboflavin deficiency:
• Fatigue
• Sluggish growth
• Digestion issues
• Around the mouth’s corners, there are cracks and sores.
• Magenta-colored tongue enlargement
• Fatigued Eyes
• Throat swelling and discomfort
• Light Sensitivity
Assists in the breakdown of proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates is vitamin B2. It is crucial for sustaining physical strength.
Adenosine triphosphate is produced from carbs with the aid of riboflavin (ATP). Food is converted into ATP by the human body, and ATP generates all the energy required by the body. For muscles to stay strong, compound ATP is necessary.
Vitamin B is necessary in addition to vitamin A for:
– Maintaining the digestive system’s mucous membranes.
– Keeping the liver healthy.
– Transforming tryptophan into the amino acid niacin.
– Iron and activate iron, folic acid, and the vitamins B1, B3, and B6 maintain the health of the Eyes, emotions, muscles, and skin.
– The adrenal glands produce hormones.
– Avoiding the emergence of cataract.
– Growth of children, particularly in regions where vitamin deficits are prevalent.

Bicomind vitamin B2

Vitamin B1 thiamin

Thiamin is a micronutrient commonly known as vitamin B1. It is a water soluble Vitamin which cannot be produced in the body. Thiamin is crucial for healthy cell growth and function. Our liver can store very little thiamine, therefore, thiamin-rich meals must be eaten every day. A thiamin deficit in the body can result in a variety of issues.

Vitamin B1 thiamin

Thiamine is a single chemical molecule, as opposed to folate and vitamin B6, which can be found in a number of vitamer-related chemical forms. Thiamine hydrochloride is the common name for this organosulfur compound. It exists as a white powder that is colourless when dissolved. It is soluble in water, methanol, and glycerol but nearly insoluble in less polar organic solvents. It degrades when exposed to heat. The most physiologically well-understood form of thiamine is thiamine pyrophosphate (TPP), sometimes known as thiamine diphosphate. TPP serves as a coenzyme in the metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids.

Despite the fact that thiamin deficiency symptoms were first documented in ancient Chinese medical writings, they were not related to food until the late nineteenth century. It is a naturally occurring chemical that is also manufactured in large quantities for use as a supplement or medication. Among the foods that contain thiamine are whole grains, beans, some meats, and fish. Cereals and flours are frequently fortified with thiamine since grain milling removes a significant amount of the vitamin’s concentration. There are supplements and medications available to treat and prevent thiamine deficiency and the diseases it causes, such as beriberi and Wernicke encephalopathy. Two further usage are Leigh syndrome and maple syrup urine disease. Although they are frequently consumed orally, they can also be given
Thiamine deficiency generally manifests as fatigue, weight loss, irritability, and confusion. The well-known diseases caused by thiamine deficiency include Beriberi, Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, optic neuropathy, Leigh’s illness, African seasonal ataxia (sometimes called Nigerian seasonal ataxia), and central pontine myelinolysis.



“Thiamin Fact Sheets for Health Professionals”. Office of Dietary Supplements. 11 February 2016. Archived from the original on 30 December 2016. Retrieved 30 December 2016.

“Thiamine: MedlinePlus Drug Information”. medlineplus.gov. Retrieved 30 April 2018.

“Thiamin”. Micronutrient Information Center, Linus Pauling Institute, Oregon State University. 2013. Retrieved 2
February 2022.

Mesmicoal magnetic charcoal face wash | Best Activated Charcoal Wash in India

Activated Carchoal’s Benefits for Skin

Activated charcoal’s historical development

Activated charcoal was initially employed by the Egyptians to process ore into bronze about 3750 B.C., which is the first known application of the substance. By 1500 B.C., the Egyptians were also employing it to write on papyrus, treat digestive disorders, and absorb offensive odours. The antibacterial qualities of activated charcoal were discovered by the Ancient Hindus and Phoenicians in 400 B.C., and they started utilising them to purify their water. It was common practise to keep water in burned barrels throughout any lengthy sea cruise. Hippocrates and Pliny were pioneers in the use of activated charcoal in medicine around the year 50 AD, employing it to treat a variety of illnesses including epilepsy.


What is the purpose of activated charcoal?

Today, activated charcoal is employed in real-world settings like homes, hospitals, and care facilities for both people and animals. Charcoal is utilised in medical facilities all around the world as markers during breast cancer surgery, filtering masks for lab personnel, and equipment for liver and kidney dialysis (among many other applications).  Additionally, activated charcoal has established itself in daily life, appearing in items like our Mesmicoal Charcoal Facewash in air filters and water filtration systems.

Charcoal’s benefits for the Skin

Deep cleaning and removing contaminants. The texture and look of the skin may be improved by the use of activated charcoal by removing impurities and grime. According to a 2019 study, a peel-off mask with activated charcoal may be able to open up pores and improve skin cleansing by eliminating dead skin cells. The pores also returned to their normal sizes an hour after the treatment.

Absorbing extra oil

Sebum production that is out of control can make oily skin appear glossy. Sebum is necessary for moisturizing and protecting the skin, but too much of it can clog pores and result in spots. By absorbing the extra oil that some people’s skin produces, activated charcoal may be of assistance.

Getting rid of acne and pimples

Products with activated charcoal may be able to absorb and bind extra oil. This might aid in removing blackheads and enhancing the look of spots or post-acne skin.

Minimizing the visibility of pores

By adhering to germs and toxins, activated charcoal may help clear blocked pores and remove dead skin cells. This could make enlarged pores look less noticeable.

Enhancing skin tone

A 2021 study investigated the impact of a 25% activated charcoal product on the hands’ skin. The researchers discovered that it helped brighten dry skin on the hands and was not irritating after receiving therapy for a month. A 2019 assessment of the literature found that while activated charcoal is generally safe.

Mesmicoal Magnetic Charcoal Facewash

Avoid letting dirt clog your pores. For a truly deep clean, Mesmicoal Charcoal Face Wash tackles ingrained pollutants like grime, oil, and makeup to guard against daily buildups. A frequent component of nature, charcoal is renowned for its capacity to draw out impurities. Comparing Mesmicoal Face Wash to a regular face cleanser, 3X more dirt and pollutants are drawn out and trapped.

Mesmicoal Facewash Benefits for skin

  • Removes Whiteheads
  • Detoxifies Skin
  • Clear acne-free skin
  • Draw out dirt and excess oilKey Ingredients of Mesmicoal
  • Charcoal Powder
  • Cucumber Extract
  • Mint Oil
  • Vitamin C

How to use

  • Pump out a sufficient amount and apply generously over the wet face.
  • Work with foaming face wash into a rich lather and gently swirl it around your face.
  • Wash your face and pat dry.

Use twice a day, once in the morning and once in the night.

Product Details

Country Origin: India
Marketed by: The Aesthetic Sense
Maximum Self-life: 24 months
Net Wt. 60 Ml

Ingredients in detail:

DM Water, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate, Cocomonoethanolamide, Charcoal Powder, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Glycolic Acid, Cocoamidopropyl Betain, Acrylate Copolymer, Triethanol Amine, Cucumber Extract, Hydrovance, DMDM Hydantoin, Glycerin, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetate, Mint oil & Fragrance.

Daru Haridra - DIABO BOOTI


For managing sugar levels

 What makes Diabobooti so effective in controlling Sugar Levels?
According to International Journal for Research in Applied Sciences & Biotechnology, vol. 8, issue 2 Mar. 2021, Ethanolic extract of Daruharidra showed anti-diabetic activity. The stem extract of the plant possesses anti-hyperglycemic activity. DPP-IV inhibiting property of plant showed potential anti-diabetic agent.
health-and-environmentAccording to Medicinal Plant Research 2015, vol. 5, no. 3, Pterostilbene , Marsupin and Pterosupin, the three compounds present in P. Marsupium possess anti-diabetic properties. Marsupin and pterostilbene significantly lower the blood glucose levels and show a significant reduction in glycosylated Hb.
Der Pharmacia Sinica, 2011, 2(1); 118-128 states that Aqueous extract & methanolic extracts of Keukand are highly effective in bringing down the blood glucose levels. Its root extract possesses anti-hyperglycemic, anti-hyperlipidemic & antioxidative effects, which are helpful in the management of diabetes and its complications.
IJPSR, 2011; VOL. 2(3): 494-500 observed that oral administration of ethanolic extract of Karanja shows significant anti-hyperglycemic effect and enhancement in the antioxidant defense system.
Phenolic compounds present in Babool extracts significantly reduced blood glucose levels, cholesterol, and triglycerides. Histological studies of the beta cells show its action on the pancreas according to Int. Res. J. Medical Sci. vol.2(5), 20-24, May 2014.
Karela extracts and isolated components exert their hypoglycemic effects via different physiological and biochemical processes. Oral administration of Karela could lead to the secretion of insulin from endocrine pancreatic beta cells. Charantin, polypeptide-p, and vicine are major compounds isolated from M. charantia which show potential anti-diabetic properties, states Asian Pac J Trop Dis 2013 ; 3(2): 93-102.
The anti-diabetic activity of the plant extracts of Khadira was shown via the reduction of enzymatic activities of alpha-glucosidase, alpha-amylase, and aldose-reductase. Administration of ethanolic extracts of Khedira shows improvement in glucose tolerance according to Hindawi Journal of Chemistry; vol.2021, article ID 2575598.
The herb possesses anti-diabetic effects and sugar inactivation properties. The presence of triterpene saponins known as gymnemic acid, gymnemasaponins, and german account for its hypoglycemic effects according to Biomed Research International vol. 2014; article ID 830285.
Ethanolic extracts of roots of R. cordifolia are reported to be hypoglycemic. The beneficial effect of treatment might be due to different types of active principles each with a single or diverse range of biological activities according to Oriental Pharmacy and Experimental Medicine 2009, 9(1), 1-13.
Methi seeds have been shown to have hypoglycemic effects on type 1 & type 2 diabetes mellitus patients. Ethanolic extracts of methi seed powder decrease blood glucose, serum cholesterol, and SGOT & SGPT levels. Raw and germinated seeds significantly reduce postprandial glucose levels according to IJASR; vol.5; issue 05; 2019.
Long-term treatment with Shilajit increases the number of beta cells of the pancreas which may result in better sensitivity of pancreatic beta cells with the prompt secretion of a large quantity of insulin in response to hyperglycemia according to Indian J Pharmacol; Dec.2004, vol.36, issue 6.
P. Nigrum shows anti-diabetic activity in addition to the anti-oxidant activity which can help overcome the stress created by the hyperglycemic condition of the cells according to IOSR-JPBS; vol. 13; issue 2 ver. II MAR.-APR. 2018, 53-56.
Aqueous, ethanol and hexane bark extracts of P. Santalinus proved to be anti-hyperglycemic. The hypoglycemic effect was attributed due to the phytoconstituents beta-sitosterol, epicatechin, and lupeol which activated remnant beta cells, and improved insulin response at cellular levels (Asian J Pharm Clin Res. , vol. 15, issue 1, 2022)
Oral administration of alcoholic extracts of the leaves of M. umbellatum shows a significant lowering of serum glucose levels according to Journal of Ethnopharmacology, vol.62, issue 3, Oct. 1998.

Antibiotic Drugs Distributor, Supplier, and Franchise

Antibiotic Drugs Distributor, Supplier, and Franchise– India is the world’s antibiotic-popping capital, with 13 billion tablets consumed annually, compared to 10 billion in China and 7 billion in the US. Antibiotics, also called antibacterials, are drugs that kill or slow the growth of germs. Psychocare Health is one of the most well-known distributors and suppliers of antibacterial drugs. They include a variety of potent medications that are used to treat bacteria-related illnesses. If you want to invest in the pharmaceutical sector, the Antibiotic Drugs Distributor, Supplier, and Franchise are the greatest choices. Read more

World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day 2022

World No Tobacco Day 2022

World No tobacco day is celebrated every year on 31st May. In 1988, the World Health Organization passed a resolution to observe ‘World No Tobacco Day’ every year on May 31st to raise awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco on the human body and to urge people to avoid the use of tobacco for at least one day.


The ‘World no Tobacco Day’ theme for 2022 is “Protect the Environment” to educate the world about the environmental impact of the entire tobacco cycle, from its cultivation, production, and distribution to the toxic waste it generates.

Why should Tobacco be avoided?

Usage of tobacco in any form can lead to cancer, cardiac diseases, strokes, respiratory diseases, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and chronic bronchitis.

Smoking Tobacco not only increases the risk for tuberculosis, and other respiratory diseases but it is also very harmful for the people around a smoker who are forced to inhale tobacco smoke. In certain cases, smoking can also cause the weakening of the immune system and rheumatoid arthritis.

According to the world health organization, Smoking alone causes more than 1million deaths every year in India and around 8 million deaths globally. More than 80% of these deaths are caused by direct tobacco use. On the other Hand, around 1.2 million non-smokers succumb to death because of passive smoking.

In 2007-08 the Government of India also launched the National Tobacco Control Programme (NTCP) with the aim to,
(i) Create awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco consumption.
(ii) Reduce the production and supply of tobacco products.
(iii) Ensure effective implementation of the provisions under “The Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act, 2003 (COTPA).
(iv) To help people quit tobacco use.
(v) To facilitate implementation of strategies for prevention and control of tobacco advocated by WHO Framework Convention of Tobacco Control.