Brilticar 90

Psychocare Health Pvt. Ltd is a well-known brand in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. Neurology and psychological medications are the company’s specialties. In today’s world, we see many people suffering from mental health problems such as depression, mental illness, stress, overthinking, sleeping disorders, and so on. The Medications Provided by Psychocare Healthcare effective and approved by DCGI. all the Quality Metric Standards have been followed in our Company to engage in the best medication.

Brilticar 90 is a blood thinner used to help patients with acute coronary syndromes avoid cardiovascular mortality. It helps to minimize the risk of Heart attack by avoiding the development of new blood clots and thereby maintaining blood flow in the body. Many Neurologists Prescribe this medication to beat Cardiac Diabetic Problems. Our Company Psychocare is dealing with the best Medicine in this range.

Brilticar 90 – Ticagrelor 90 Mg

Ticagrelor is a Platelet Inhibitor, Which is a Type Of Medication That Controls Platelets To Stick. It Also Works as in Controlling the Blood Clots.  Generally, It is Prescribed in Brain Strokes, Heart Attack Conditions. Psychocare Health is providing a Franchise of this Medicinea t very Affordable Price rate. You can Directly Contact. As the Cardiac Arrest Problems have become common, Psychocare has focused on the Quality Products  to meet the Demand of People. Our Bulk Storage for this Medication can also help many Business owners to trigger its demand.

How Does Ticagrelor 90 Mg Works?

Ticagrelor is A Medication That Helps People Who Have Suffered A Heart Attack Or Who Have A Condition Called Acute Coronary Syndrome Improve Their Heart Health (ACS). Your Heart Does Not Get Enough Oxygen When You Have This Disease. Ticagrelor Aids In The Prevention Of Heart Attacks And Strokes. It Also Aids In The Prevention Of Blood Clots. A person who has gone where Heart Surgery can have the best Utilization of this Medicine. 

Our Services for Ticagrelor 90 Mg includes :

  1. Quality Processing Assurance
  2. ISO, GMP, and WHO Certified Product
  3. Timely Delivery
  4. 24 hour Availablity of Brilticar 90 – Ticagrelor 90 Mg
  5. Packaging available in Box with Alu-Alu Packaging
  6. Good Profit Margin
  7. 100% availability of stock
  8. Advanced quality sources connected with us.
  9. 50+ promotional tools to promote business.

Side Effects of Usage

Some Common Side effects of these Medications are bruising bleeding more easily, nosebleeds, headache, dizziness, cough, nausea, diarrhea, etc. 

PCD Franchise Opportunity

We will want to advertise PCD Franchise business opportunities all over India. Currently, more than 300 people have expressed interest in our pharma marketing business opportunities and may want to give new people the chance to start their own business. By being a franchise partner with our business. You may be able to reap many advantages.

Business with Best Neuro PCD Franchise Company

Our business is focused on offering a monopoly-based PCD Franchise that includes various product distribution sections such as tablets, pills, syrups, ointments, gel, and so on. Our related PCD Franchises have a lot of potentials. Working with us will be the most thrilling and satisfying job you’ve ever done, and you’ll be glad you did.

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