Psychocare Health is the leading name in the pharmaceutical industry that offering a wide range of quality neuro products in the Indian market. The company has a specialization in neurology and psychiatric medicines. Being an ISO certified company We are having a rich experience of 20 years in its field and ruling the neurology market. We are well known for our large range of neurology product including multiple segments. Our company is strictly following the standard norms of WHO and GMP certifications. The company is delivering the world-class facilities of PCD franchise business and Third-party manufacturing for citicoline piracetam tablets at the best rates in India.

CITIWISE P PLUS Tablets Details

CITiWISE P PLUS Tablet is the combination of CITICOLINE 500 MG +PIRACETAM 800 MG


CITIWISE P PLUS Tablet is made by the two drug compositions that use in the treatment of stroke. This medicines protect the nerve cell in the brain and also repair that nerve cells which are already damaged. This product should be taken as your medical professional prescribed you. CITiWISE P PLUS can be taken with the meal or without the meal and should be taken same time each day. Take this medicine in the dose as suggested by the doctor and if in any case, the patient forgets to take this dose then don’t need to panic take it as soon as they remember about it. The one thing the patient must understand that do not skip any dose and complete the course of this medicine even if you feel perfect.

Benefits of CITiWISE P PLUS Tablet

When the nerve cell damages the brain then that situation is called a stroke. CITIWISE P PLUS Tablet helps to recover the process in person who has suffering from a stroke. This medicine decreases the chance of brain damage, enhancing the mental health of the patient, and promotes healing. Do not miss the dose if the patient misses the dose then he /she should consult with their doctor as soon as possible.

How to Use CITiWISE P PLUS Tablet

The patient should take these medicines as their doctor advised them. this medicine Swallow it as a whole. The patient does not need to chew or crush the tablet. The patient can take this tablet with food or without food. And he must take this tablet at a fixed time for better results.

Common Side Effects of CITiWISE P PLUS Tablet

After taking this medicine it is not mandatory that side effects should occur. If the patient feels like there are some side effects while taking this medicine then it doesn’t require any medical attention. These side effects may disappear as the body of the patient adjust to the tablet. If the patient still feels like these side effects are getting worse then they should consult their doctor immediately. There are some common side effects of the CITIWISE P PLUS Tablet such as:

  • Weight gain
  • Hyperactivity
  • Stomach pain
  • Nervousness
  • Diarrhea
  • Decreased blood pressure, etc.
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