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Psychocare Health Private Limited is committed to diligently work to make its products better and offer innovative products to its clients at affordable prices. Our team of innovative and experienced professionals focus on the needs of its clients and the end customers which allows us to develop unique new products that become an instant hit with the customers. Our latest range of wellness products have already become the first choice of many customers across the country. Products like Corocare Plus, Greetulgi, Hydracells and Nacsyclear have already started to make waves in the effervescent market. On the other hand, the unique premium Ayurvedic Range of Sarab Herbs is also attracting customers who prefer Ayurveda over everything else.

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Newly launched Products

A unique new range of products to choose from.

Hydracells | Instant Energy | PCHPL Wellness

It Restores Fluid & Energyand Keep Skin, Blood Vessel and Nerve cells healthy. It is Sugar Free and Infused with the goodness of 4 essential minerals and 2 Vitamins: Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Sodium, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, and chloride for Instant Energy. It’s an ideal product to beat the summer heat, and stay full of energy.

Greetulgi | Sugar Free Green Tea | PCHPL Wellness

Green Tea is widely known for their numerous benefits ranging from tip to toe of the body. From heart health to hair, green tea is beneficial for every single cell of the body. Its Combination of powerful ayurvedic  ingredients, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Black Pepper, Ginger, Hing, and Tulsi extract.

Corocare Plus Immunity Booster | PCHPL Wellness

Corocare Plus is a Natural Vitamin C immunity booster supplement with rich Antioxidants. Natural ingredients like 420mg of natural acerola extract, vitamin C 80mg, and 2.5 mg of Zinc helps to boost the body’s immune system. Corocare Plus is available in Natural Orange flavour, effervescent tablet.

NacsyClear for Lungs Health | Psychocare Health Pvt. Ltd.


NACSYCLEAR helps in loosening thick mucus in the lungs, reduce the effect of paracetamol overdose, support chronic bronchitis and improve liver conditions. It helps to prevent Respiratory infections, Supports liver health, Provide protection against lung damage.


Keep Diabetes at bay with DaiboBooti DaiboBooti is a marvelous formulation of 16 Completely ayurvedic ingredients which are known for their health benefits especially in health conditions like Diabetes & Hypercholesterolemia.

Aloe-T-sense 99.9% Pure Aloe Vera Gel | The Aesthetic Sense

Helps clear up breakouts, moisturizes dry skin, increases skin glow, soothes irritated skin, apply it to minor burns and wounds.

Khuli Saans Lungs Detox Syrup

Khuli Saans is a 100 % herbal lungs detox formulation made from clinically researched herbs that helps in removing harmful toxins from the lungs and supports healthy respiratory function. It is highly recommended for people who smoke or live in polluted cities.

Wake up Fresh for Hangover Free Morning

Sarab Herbs, Wake Up Fresh – Hangover Free Morning capsules are a natural ayurvedic formulation for a hangover cure. Take a single dose before drinking, don’t worry about the next day’s hangover, wake up fresh in the morning with sweet memories of the night party.

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Ultersanse Onion Shampoo | Onion Shampoo

It is Sulphate and paraben-free and helps in minimizing hair fall and dandruff. It’s enriched with onion oil which helps in promoting hair growth and strengthens weak and thin hair. It also moisturizes hair and makes them soft and silky, also helping in split ends.

Profitaz-Plus-choclate Flavour Sugar Free Protein Powder

Are you getting enough protein? Did you know that Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage and skin, hair nails and immunity as well? Indian diet is deficient in proteins and therefore, we have created a protein supplement that is sugar-free and ensures that you are never short on your protein intake.


Don’t let dirt take over your pores. Mesmicoal Charcoal Face Wash targets deep-down impurities to defend against daily buildups, like dirt, oil, and make-up for a truly deep clean. Charcoal is a common ingredient found in nature is known for its ability to absorb impurities and remove them. Mesmicoal Face wash draws out and traps 3X more dirt and impurities compared to normal face cleanser.

Tas Gulta C+ Face Serum | The Aesthetic Sense

Anti-aging and brightening Serum Tas Gluta C+ Serum is precision-designed to revitalise and restore skin to its beautiful, youthful appearance. It helps in maintaining healthy-looking skin and can encourage collagen to grow. It also helps in skin lightening pigmented areas, thereby whitening and brightening the skin.

Stone-gone | Ayurvedic Medicine for Kidney Stone | PCHPL Wellness

Highly effective in Kidney stone complications.Experience considerable relief within 30 days of regular use.Stone Gone is an Herbal Ayurvedic medicine. It’s highly effective in kidney stone complications. Stone Gone ayurvedic medicine is a wonderful formulation, that is very effective to remove kidney stones.

Mintasense Plus Hair Serum | For Hair Growth

Procapil hair therapy helps to minimize hair loss and controls the hair follicle ageing process. It contains PROCAPIL, that’s a unique combination of Vitaminated Matrikine(Biotinyl-GHK), Apigenin from citrus, and Oleanolic acid.


StayInBed™ Premium Virility Oil Spray For Men is all you need to up your game & fire up your nights! It helps in the management of the sexual function of men. Its all-natural and safe ingredients help to boost sexual power, sexual timings, erection quality, penis enlargement, and increasing sex drive.

Frupaya-haldi-chandan Face wash | The Aesthetic Sense

Skin Brightening Haldi and Chandan Face Wash. Restore your natural skin glow with frupaya haldi and Chandan face wash. Frupaya face wash enriched with the goodness of Haldi and Chandan. Haldi contains antioxidant properties that help to reduce acne scars and rejuvenate the skin. Sandalwood helps to restore the skin’s natural look and promote glowing skin.

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