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Psychocare is a brand name when comes the Quality Medicines. We here are dedicated to providing a creamy layer of medicines that can heal ailments fast. Since we have the best team of quality formulation experts, dedicated, highly qualified R&D experts, and determining clinical sciences who helped us in bringing the most effective, as well as affordable drug combinations of cardiac diabetic drugs to Bihar, all of our products are safe and effective. Furthermore, our firm is well-known for its authenticity, integrity, dependability, and transparency, among other qualities.  Read more

Brilticar 90

Psychocare Health Pvt. Ltd is a well-known brand in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. Neurology and psychological medications are the company’s specialties. In today’s world, we see many people suffering from mental health problems such as depression, mental illness, stress, overthinking, sleeping disorders, and so on. The Medications Provided by Psychocare Healthcare effective and approved by DCGI. all the Quality Metric Standards have been followed in our Company to engage in the best medication. Read more


Psychocare Health Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading names in the pharmaceutical market in India. The company has a specialization in neurology and psychiatric medicines. In this Modern time, we can see most people suffering from many mental health issues like depression, mental disorder, stress, overthinking, sleeping disorder, etc. We provide our patients best quality of medicines at affordable prices. We are providing the best range of formulated drugs with the approval of DCGI certification. All of our manufacturing units work under the supervision and approval of GMP-WHO certificates. Read more