CEO insight – Award

Another jewel added to PCHPL’s crown as psychocare Health Private Limited is awarded the Top 10 leaders from Punjab September 2022,This is an Annual Recognition that showcases exceptional leaders in Punjab who guide the industry to us future by setting benchmarks across several key parameters.


What is wellness?

Though various ancient medicine systems like Ayurveda and Ancient Chinese medicine revolved around the idea of wellness but the Concept of Wellness was first coined by an American Physician Halbert Dunn in the year 1950. He also invented the term ‘wellness’ by adding two words: ‘wellness and Fitness’.


To put it simply, wellness is the absence of Illness. But unlike good health, wellness is maintaining optimal physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing through self-care, healthy living, diets, meditation, exercise, lifestyle, and use of Wellness products. Wellness is taking all those measures which ensure good health and prevention of diseases in the long run. Taking correct Nutrition, exercising regularly, maintaining a positive mental attitude, and adopting measures to manage stress are all part of wellness.

PCHPL realizes the importance of wellness and making it affordable for everyone. PCHPL’s Wellness Division is dedicated to offer high-quality herbal products obtained from around the world at affordable prices to meet the demands of a wide range of customers across the country. It houses more than 40 unique products with some products waiting to be patented. PCHPL’s wellness range can be purchased through, whereas, for people interested in the business opportunities can mail us on or call us on 97270-99068.