Neuro-Psychiatric PCD Pharma Franchise Companies:- Neuropsychiatry is a medical specialty that encompasses both neurological and psychiatric disciplines, treating both pathologies. Neuropsychiatry is also known as behavioral neuroscience. Physical injury, psychiatric disorders, unclear maturation, or potential side effects of other infirmities can all contribute to neuropsychiatric disorders. Many neuropsychiatric companies in India are on board to meet the demand for neurological products in the Indian market. Here you will get the list of the Top 5 Neuropsychiatry Companies in India.
There is a rapid increase in interest in neuropsychiatric medicine and products. This expansion sought after is driving pharma organizations to detail the new medication answers for better outcomes. People look forward to the most effective and high-quality neuro medicine to achieve the best results from mental illness. Look no further if you’re looking for the best neuropsychiatry companies in India.
Here is a list of the top five pharmaceutical companies in India.

List of Top Neuropsychiatry Companies in India

Basis of market presence and popularity in the pharmaceutical industry as per quality and wide range of products the list has constructed. In this list, all the companies are ISO Certified and adhere to the GMP-WHO norms by maintaining the quality of their range of products and giving 100% results. If you are looking for reliable and professional Top 10 Neuropsychiatry Pharma Franchise Companies in India, here is the list updated for you. These are popular and famous names in the marketplace in India.

Psychocare Health Pvt. Ltd.

Psychocare Health Private Limited is a multiple award-winning, ISO-certified pharmaceutical company founded by Mr. Jagdeep Singh and Co-founder  Mr. Supreet Singh. Commended in the year 2005, “Psychocare Health Pvt Ltd.” is involved in manufacturing, supplying, and trading a vast array of anti-psychotics and hypnotics. The company ensures reliable access to affordable, quality, WHO-GMP- and ISO-approved products in the public health sector.
To accomplish organizational objectives and effectively address the various client needs, this company employs a team of about 40 to 60 people. The company comprises a well-trained and experienced Sales & marketing team, Field executives, a Quality control team, R&D professionals, Medical domain experts, and Industry experts. 

The company comprises five divisions: Kyracare Healthcare, Mind in Peace, TAS (The Aesthetic Sense), PCHPL Cardiac Division, and Sehatokart & Sarabherbs, which collectively have 900+ products. The company comprises five divisions: Kyracare Healthcare, Mind in Peace, TAS (The Aesthetic Sense), PCHPL Cardiac Division, and Sehatokart & Sarabherbs, which collectively have 900+ products. It also has a modernization manufacturing division called JIPS Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., which is GMP-certified. Numerous steps are there to guarantee quality control and the highest manufacturing requirements. This is one of the best PCD pharma Franchise Companies in Neuropsychiatry. The company offers a real business plan. The essence of healthcare is affordable pricing that is unchanged with quality. Their gamut of products is appreciated all around the market for various salient features such as performance, precision, and easy usage.

Pax Healthcare

Pax Healthcare provides an opportunity to advance your career and establish a worthwhile business. They are pushing for national expansion to make us one of India’s top pharmaceutical companies. Pax Healthcare is a well-known pharmaceutical franchise brand. The company has a diverse portfolio of high-quality, low-cost medicines that are trusted by doctors across the country. The Company is in the Pharma PCD / Pharma Franchise business, and its Pharma PCD associates are its most valuable assets. The company believes in offering promotional and marketing assistance to its associates. The company’s goal is to create neuro products with novel formulations. The company provides genuine neuro pharma franchise business deals. What makes the company successful?

  • Supported by a team of experts and top professionals
  • The corporation has constructed a sophisticated infrastructure facility.
  • The company ensures quality.
  • The Most Effective Distribution Channel.

Neurocon Inc.

People’s lives have been made better by Neuroconinc thanks to its trustworthy and potent selection of medications. The business manufactures a wide range of neuropsychiatric drugs to treat people’s mental diseases. The company places a high emphasis on customer happiness because it is a client-centric business in addition to offering our top neuropsychiatric drugs. The company also introduced itself as India’s leading pharmaceutical franchise, supplier, trader, and distributor alongside Neuropsychiatry Pharma. Additionally, our business consistently forges strong relationships with top distribution and logistics partners. They guarantee prompt delivery of all manufactured medications.

Syndicate Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical company Syndicate Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. has received ISO 9001:2008 certification. Their ideas raise the bar for virtue, quality, and viability. To set the standard for excellence in the pharmaceutical industry, Syndicate Life Sciences wants to extend its monopoly of top-notch service and highly regarded pharmaceutical franchise offerings to other parts of our country. Syndicate Life Sciences Pvt Ltd is committed to providing the most advanced and sophisticated range of Tablets, Capsules, Injections, Syrups – Dry Syrups, Mouthwash Ointments, etc to Domestic and International Markets. The business has remained among India’s Top 10 Neuropsychiatry Companies over the years.

GNova Biotech

Gnova Biotech is on a mission to produce the best and broadest range of pharmaceutical medications at the best price and to guarantee that the nation’s goal of good health is achieved. We intend to develop, broaden, meet client expectations, and promote social welfare. Since we are a pharma franchise company, we can give you the best assistance possible to succeed in the market. Pharma franchises are unquestionably the most successful. It has attracted the interest of young people and businesspeople.