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Pharma Distributors for Nutraceuticals Range – Nutraceutical industry is one of the fastest-growing pharma sectors in India and it is expected to double the revenue in near years. The demand and usage of dietary supplements have increased rapidly. To fulfil the rising demands, Psychocare Health Pvt Ltd brings an innovative range of the best standard nutraceutical drugs and products for pharma distribution. We are the leading Pharma Distributors for Nutraceuticals Range who can help you establish a successful career. The company believes in providing good health to humanity and for that, the pharma professionals back at the manufacturing units are constantly working. 

At present, the nutraceutical market is flourishing greatly as numerous people are inclining towards the usage of nutraceutical products to keep themselves fit and healthy. Being an ISO and DGCI approved company, we manufacture all our products in WHO-GMP certified manufacturing units. We offer several benefits to all our associate partners like monopoly rights, promotional support, great marketing strategies, and much more. So, don’t think much and collaborate with the best Pharma Distributors for Nutraceuticals Range.


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What are Nutraceuticals and how beneficial they are?

Nutraceutical products are somewhat different from pharmaceutical supplements. They are health supplements made of whole foods and not segregated vitamins and nutrients like capsules or tablets derived from vegetables. With the over-busy schedule of people and the thought of dieting or losing weight, they sometimes compromise on their diets, resulting in getting weak and losing their health and energy. In such a case, they need some health supplements they can consume and lead a healthy life.

Nutraceuticals can be defined as products that provide physical health and protects against chronic diseases like Alzheimer, allergy, cardiac diabetic issues, eye disorders, boosts the immune system, etc. Due to the positive results, the demand for the products is high and to fulfil the demand, Psychocare is working constantly. Our range of nutraceutical formulations is available in different formulations like tablets, capsules, powders, syrups, etc. 

Leading Nutraceutical Company in India – Psychocare Health

Psychocare Health is an ISO-DGCI certified pharmaceutical manufacturing company that provides top-quality products at affordable rates. With accreditation from organisations like WHO-GMP, our production units are located in excise duty-free locations. Our numerous associates across the country are successfully running their business. To expand our business, we now deal in a vast range of nutraceutical supplements that help in proving better physical health. We offer several benefits to all our associate partners like:

  • We offer monopoly rights which help our partners to work in a less competitive market.
  • Our extensive range of best quality products is a major part. 
  • Our production units are located in excise duty-free locations which helps us in reducing the taxes and further assists us in providing cost-effective products that are easily affordable for everyone. 
  • We offer genuine and transparent deals to all our associates which helps us earn the trust of our clients. 
  • The promotional and marketing backup that we provide helps our clients in enhancing their market presence and increase sales.

100% Quality assured products 

We at Psychocare Health prioritizes the quality of the formulations. We understand how important is the quality of the formulation that we provide to our associate partners and the consumers. The better the quality, the more will be the demand. Keeping this in demand, we provide the top standard products at pocket-friendly rates. With our extensive range of nutraceutical formulations, we are the leading pharma distributors across the country. Our range is widely accepted and appreciated by several physicians, experts and consumers. Here are some of the products that we offer:

Corocare vit-c Vitamin c& zinc chewable tablets
Calbomin plus Calcium,magnesium,zinc & vitamin d2
Caltic plus Calcitriol 0.25 mcg,calcium 500 mg,vitamin b6 3 mg,folic acid 1.5 mg, methylcobalamin 750 mcg
Mulgicare l capsules Lycopene,vitamins & minerals soft gelatin capsules
Gumyum Vitamin gummies
Mulgicare -l syrup Lycopene + multivitamin + multimineral 200ml syrup (drug)
Xoncared d3 sachet Cholecalciferol 60000 i.u. Vitamin d3 sachets
Corocare vit-c Vitamin c& zinc chewable tablets
Profitaaz plus (chocolate flavour) Enriched with protein, vitamins and minerals
Livdix Silymarin with vitamin b-complex syrup (drug)
Calloceer Vitamin d3 solution
Caltic – 27 Calcium citrate maleate, zinc, magnesium, vitamin k27 and vitamin d3 tablets

Thereby, you know Psychocare Health is the best Nutraceutical Distributors Company in India. Collaborate with us for great and lucrative deals. For more details, contact us anytime.

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